Bus Service

Niigata Kotsu Sado

Phone: 0259-57-3200
Address: 80 Kawaharada-Suwamachi, Sado Island, Niigata
URL: http://www.sado-bus.com/
Offices are located in Ryotsu Port, Aikawa, and Sawata.

We operate fixed-route bus services throughout the island. Bus fares for fixed-route buses are calculated based on the distance traveled for each trip. It starts with a minimum fare of ¥210 and incrementally increases up to the maximum of ¥840. (There will be no increase once it reaches the maximum. Also see on the reverse side how your bus fare will be calculated.)

Please have small change (coins) or a ¥1,000 bill ready before getting on the bus. The fare machine and bus driver cannot accept bills larger than ¥1,000. One-, Two-, and Three-day Passes for fixed-route buses are available at a cost of ¥1,500, ¥2,500, and ¥3,000 respectively. (Sado Niigata Pass or Sado Joetsu Pass—available options for JR Pass holders—come with one Three-day Pass). The passes are sold at Sado Kisen Niigata Port and Naoetsu Port, our offices in Ryotsu, Aikawa, and Sawata on the island. The passes can also be purchased on the bus—please have the exact amount ready in this case.  Also One-Day Passes are also available on Sado Kisen ferry boats. No partial refunds will be issued. English bus timetable is available at information offices. We also offer sightseeing bus tours daily. Contact us for availabilities, rates, routes, and schedules.
Also see Hop-Off Hop-On Zone to find out how your bus fare will be determined.)

Fixed Route Bus lines are identified by number in this map.  Most buses displays a sign on the LED destination board (or behind the windshield) indicating its line number with a capital letter of the destination (e.g. 2S means the bus is bound for Sawata on Line #2, Minamisen Line). New vehicles have the LED destination board displaying line # with the destination in bilingual. Dashed lines indicate Hop-on Hop-off zones.
What is Hop-on Hop-off zones?

1) Honsen Line: Ryotsu – Kanai – Sawata – Aikawa

2) Minami-sen Line: Ryotsu – Niibo – Hatano – Mano – Sawata

3) Higashi-kaigan Line: Ryotsu – Ogawa – Kakinoura- Oda

4) Uchikaifu Line: Ryotsu – Washizaki – Futatsugame – Iwayaguchi

5) Unused number

6) Nanaura-kaigan Line: Sawata – Futami – Aikawa – (Gold Mine) – Aikawa
*This service includes a loop service from Aikawa connecting Sado Gold Mine and returns to Aikawa.

7) Maehama Line: Hamochi High School – Akadomari – Oda

8) Watatsu Line: Hamochi High School – Ichinomiya – Kami-kawamo

9) Kaifu Line: Aikawa – Senkakuwan – Iwayaguchi

10) Ogi Line: Sawata – Mano – Ichinomiya – Ogi

11) Shukunegi Line: Ogi – Shukunegi – Taiko Centre -Sawasaki – Etsumi

12) Unused number

13) Kuninaka-Kanamaru Line: Sawata – Kanai – Niibo – Hatano – Mano Kanai – Sawata
* This is a loop line service.

14) Iwakubui Line: Sawata – Kanai – Hatano – Oda – Kakinoura

15) Unused number

16) Akadomari Line: Sawata – Mano – Akadomari – Ogi

17) Unused number

18) Sobama Liner: Ogi – Sobama Beach
*Seasonal Service