Aug – Sep

The below list was the 2020 schedules. The 2021 schedules will be posted when they become available.
Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVIT-19) precautionary measures, a number of tourist attractions and business activities are temporarily closed, and festive events will be cancelled. Status changes day by day. Please contact about more updates to Sado Tourist Association 0259-27-5000 or write to

Events & Festivals in 2020

Event schedules are subject to change at discretion of event organizers. Other events may be scheduled during 2020.  For more information, Contact Sado Tourist Information Office at 0259-27-5000  or write e-mail to:

a) Location
b) Attractions

Akadomari Minato Matsuri Festival (Aug. 2) (Cancelled.)

a) Akadomari Port
b) Sumo tournament on a floating arena, cardboard boat racing, and other unique attractions. Walk-in participation welcome, both men and women.

Ryotsu Tanabata Matsuri Festival (Aug 7 - 8) (Cancelled.)

a) Ryotsu Area
b) Marching with decorated floats, Onidaiko performances, and SadoOs biggest fireworks

Shishigajo Matsuri Festival (Sado no bon Festival) (Aug. 11) (Cancelled.)

a) Sawata Beach
b) Various activities and onidaiko performance. Fireworks display at the end of the event

Earth Celebration 2020 (Aug 21, 22, 23) (No-audience performance.)

a) Ogi Area
b) Internationally renowned Kodo drumming group's annual event featuring fringe events, workshops, food stalls, markets and other attractions.

Anju-tenjin Matsuri Festival (Aug 29-30) (Cancelled.)

a) Hatano
b) Onidaiko, shouldering mikoshi, (a portable shrine), and more.

Ogi Minato Festival (Aug 29-30) (Cancelled.)

a) Ogi Port
b) Fireworks display for the 25th and other local rituals and traditions.

Sado International Triathlon (Sep 6) (Cancelled.)

a) Sawata Beach and throughout the Sado Island
b) The 30th International long & short triathlon race.

Kuji-hachiman Shrine Reisai (Sep 13) (Cancelled.)

a) Kuji-hachiman Shrine
b) Dance performance presentations centered on local agrarian rituals.

Koiccha Matsuri Food Stall Event (Sep 27) (Cancelled.)

a) Aikawa Bus Terminal Building
b) Varieties of food stalls and other performance events (10:00 am to 4:00pm)