Jun – Jul

Events & Festivals in 2024

Event schedules are subject to change at discretion of event organizers. Status may change day by day. Please contact about more updates to Sado Tourist Association 0259-27-5000 or write to: info@visitsado.com

Yoi-no-mai Dance Parade (June 7-8)

a) Kyomachi (Aikawa area)
b) Folkdance parades in Kyomachi Street where old vestiges remain.

Sado Kanzo (yellow-day-lilies) Week (June 9)

a) Ono-game
b) Onidaiko, folksongs, and other festive attractions held on a background of allies of yellow-day-lilies.

Ryotsu Matsuri Festival (June 16) No activity is scheduled for June 15 in 2024.

a) Ryotsu Shopping Arcades
b) Onidaiko and Mikoshi (a portable shrine).

Hamochi Matsuri (June 15)

a) Hamochi Main Street
b) Tsuburosashi ritual dance and other cultural activities. A free noh play is preformed at Kusakari Shrine at 8pm.

Sado Ogi Tarai-bune & Sazae Matsuri Festival (June 16)

a) Ogi Minato Koen Open Space
b) Hands-on tarai-bune wooden tub boat ride, other local entertainment performances and attractions.

July 20 - August 4; KODO Summer Concerts in Ryotsu on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

a) Ai Port Sado
b) A small group of Kodo’s members will present up-close taiko concerts at 2:00pm on Fridays; and 10:30am and 2:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays from July 20 to August 4. Ticket ¥3,000 Phone: 0259-86-2330 http://www.kodo.or.jp
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Kozan Matsuri Festival (July 27-28)

a) Aikawa Area
b) Parades, floats and other attractions and fireworks display (8:00pm).