Apr – May

Events & Festivals in 2023

Event schedules are subject to change at discretion of event organizers. Status may change day by day. Please contact about more updates to Sado Tourist Association 0259-27-5000 or write to info@visitsado.com

Sanno Matsuri (April 12, 13 and 14)

a) Hiyoshi Shrine (Evenings on 12th, 13th and afternoon on 14th)
b) Onidaiko deity-masked dances and other local traditions.

Shimbo Matsturi (April 15)

a) Shimbo Hachiman Shrine
b) Onidaiko deity-masked dance performances at the shrine. Taikeiji Temple, next to the shrine, also holds other event on the same day.

Cherry Blossom Light-up (April 7-21)

a) Sado Gold Mine Parking Lot #3
b) Cherry blossom trees will be lit up from April 8th to 22th in the evening until 9:30pm.

Kodo Sado Island Performances in Shukunegi (April 29, 30, May 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)

a) Shukunegi Community Hall
b) A small group of Kodo's members will present up-close taiko performances at the local retro playhouse at: 11:00am on 4/30, 5/4, 5/5, 5/6 and 5/7; and 2:30pm on 4/29, 5/3, 5/4, 5/5 and 5/6. Adults (ages 12 & over) 4,000 yen, Children (ages 4–11) 1,800 yen. All free seating.

Kodo Ticket Service
Tel. 0259-86-2330 (Japanese assistance only, Mon–Fri, 9:30–17:00)
Email: ticket@kodo.or.jp (English assistance available)

Minato Matsuri (May 5)

a) Wakamiya Shrine
b) Onidaiko, deity-masked dances, floats, shouldering a mikoshi shrine and other attractions until late evening.

Botan (peonies) Matsuri (May 6-7)

a) Chokokuji Temple
b) The temple is well-known for many seasonal flowers. Mid-May is the blooming season of beautiful peonies.

Ondeko dotcom (Onidaiko Festival) May 28

a)Ryotsu Minato Koen Park
b) Many Onidiko deity-masked dance groups meet at the venue from 10am to 4pm.